Getting the car registered

I’ve got the wagon, now I need to get it registered in NSW. As the wagon was always going to be a weekender, I researched what was required for historic registration. To meet historic registration requirements, the vehicle must be over 35 years old, close to standard and the owner must be a member of a recognised club.

In early March 2018, I went to the Yass Antique Motor Club registration day, paid my $20 and joined up. They inspected the car and gave me an inspection certificate to take to the NSW RMS.

The next day, I visited my local RMS and registered the car with historic registration. It was a simple process and for an annual cost of about $50, is great value for money compared to standard registration fees.

There are caveats however, the vehicle is part of a log book trial meaning it can only be used for club events and up to a maximum of 60 times a year. Each time the vehicle is driven, a log book entry must be completed first. 60 days a year will be plenty for me as I only intend to drive it once per week.