I take the wagon out once a week for a cruise around the town, which is about a 20km loop.

The first few times I drove it I noticed it gained a lot of attention, with stares and waves not being uncommon.

Driving a 41 year old car without power-steering is certainly different from driving my several year old modern car. The sounds and feel bring back memories from my youth. I remember the sounds of induction from the twin carbies and the noise the indicators make – it’s funny what you remember.

An old wagon like this doesn’t start and idle nicely like a modern car. It requires manual choke to start, then balancing the choke and accelerator for a few minutes until it will idle by itself without the choke. Certainly not a “hop in and just go” like modern vehicles are.

Do I like driving it? Hell yeah, it’s a great feeling to go cruising in my old girl.


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